Course Description:

Each student’s curriculum is individualized, with specific objectives to meet the goals developed by the multi-disciplinary team (MDC = the student, parent, teacher, general ed. teachers and others involved in the student’s Special Education program; i.e. the team that you meet with every year to set the goals and objectives.).  Emphasis will be placed upon developing the skills needed to cope within the world after junior high and high school.  Independence is always our major emphasis, taking into consideration the students abilities, needs, and desires.  



Class Schedule and Routine:

While this MIID classroom follows the same bell schedule as the rest of the campus, some adjustments may be made for the additional time a student may require for completion of a task and/or for various activities of daily living, such as eating, using the restroom, etc.  While there are no set bathroom schedules, students are expected to plan their requests to use the restroom in order to avoid interrupting lessons or leaving general ed. classes whenever possible.


Since most MIID students need assistance to get a drink, and many do not drink enough (particularly in warm weather) students are encouraged to have water in the classroom.  Students may bring water bottles from home.  We have a refrigerator available to store both lunches and drinks. The cafeteria serves a nice variety of food for $2.50 per meal.  Menus can be found at  Information on applying for free or reduced-priced lunches was mailed to you this summer, but is also available upon request.  Ala Carte choices are also available and the costs vary.  Most food service vendors use the account system and we highly recommend that your son or daughter use it.   


All MIID students participate in all appropriate on-campus activities such as assemblies and fine arts performances.  Students are welcomed and highly encouraged to attend any extra-curricular activities. Students are also highly encouraged to participate in any of the various clubs on campus.


Class Rules:

1. Treat all teachers and classmates with courtesy and respect.

2. Be prepared and ready to work when the bell rings.

3. Always use appropriate behavior and language.

4. Make-up work for any class is the responsibility of the student.  Missed assignments must be completed and turned in within 2 days of the absence.

NOTE:  Students are expected to follow the rules of Stapley Junior High and Mesa Public Schools.



1.  Warning

2.  Conference with teacher

3.  Parent contact and/or referral to detention

4.  Referral to Principal

NOTE:  Severe disruptions will be dealt with immediately!  


Grading Policy:

If your child is in the self-contained MIID program they will be receiving Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Daily Living Skills instruction with me. Grades will be given for all classes. Grades will be based on assignments as well as, active participation and demonstration of being actively engaged in appropriate educational activities (those listed in the IEP as well as those given by your other teachers). Your ability to follow the rules will also earn you points. Students will not lose points for absences.



In addition, you will also receive a Quarterly Progress Report that directly reflects the progress on the individual goals listed within the IEP.


Parent Involvement:

Homework:  I will not be sending home homework this year. However, I need you to work with your child on math facts, money and read with them at least 15 minutes a night. This will be very beneficial to the learning environment that I provide for them while they are at school.


Besides serving as vital members of your student’s multi-disciplinary team, you are encouraged to be involved with your student’s education.  Since our main purpose is TRANSITION into the world after school, many of the goals designed for your student can be taught at home, in the community, as well as at school.  Please feel free to call or write a note to any of our faculty and staff if you have questions or concerns. 


I look forward to another great year with your child!