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Ms. L. Cory Miller

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As a product of Mesa Public Schools, I can honestly say I am proud to be a part of the continuum of passing on the tradition of education.  I was a Hawk at Hawthorne Elementary School,a panther at Poston Junior High (only because Stapley wasn't open yet!), and graduated a Toro from Mountain View High School. I then went on to become a lumberjack and receive an undergraduate and graduate degree from Northern Arizona University. I hold a Master's of Secondary Education with a reading endorsement.

I have three daughters. My oldest graduated form NAU  with a degree in forestry and word for Arizona Game and Fish as a Wildlife Biologist. Maddison, my middle daughter, attends Stony Brook University in New York. She is in her first of her master's program for physician assistant. Morghan will be ia senior at Mountain View.  I grew up in this very neighborhood and am thrilled to have my girls do the same.  We enjoy spending time together as a family and exploring the outdoors.  We love to get away to Flagstaff as much as possible to relish the serenity of the mountains. We spend our time hiking, camping, biking or simply reading in the shade of the trees. However, if I had my choice vacation, I would be lounging on a beach near the ocean.

As for teaching, my philosophy is that learning is a life-long process. I find nothing more exhilarating than empowering a student and watching the "ah ha" moment of success.  My goal is to foster a love of learning and encourage the desire to always do our personal best to meet high expectations.

My class schedule: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Schedule

Period 1- 9:15- 10:25  CB02
Period 2- 10:30-11:26  CB02
Period 3- 11:31-12:27  CB02

A Lunch  12:27 - 12:57

Period 4  1:02 - 1:58   ELA 07

Period 5-  2:03 - 2:59  ELA07

Period 6-  3:04 - 4:00  ELA07

Wednesday Schedule

Period 1- 9:15- 10:20  CB02
Period 2- 10:25-11:16  CB02
Period 3- 11:21-12:12  CB02

A Lunch  12:12 - 12:42

Period 4  12:47 - 1:38  ELA07

Period 5-  1:43 - 2:34  ELA07

Period 6-  2:39 - 3:30  ELA07

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