Eighth Grade Reading / RD54

Stapley Junior High

August 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:


Welcome to RD54 – a fabulous, one semester reading adventure! Your son/daughter was placed in this class if they scored FALLS FAR BELOW, APPROACHING or a low MEETS on the AIMS test. The curriculum is based on the Common Core Reading Standards.  It is the goal of this course to raise students’ reading levels and provide tools  to ensure success.  The students will learn to become skilled, active, critical readers. The focus will be on providing opportunities to improve fluency, expand vocabulary, and deepen comprehension strategies.  In addition, the students will improve study skills, explore research/technology, and current events.


I am looking forward to working with your child as we promote literacy and an understanding of the reading process.  I am confident that students will enjoy and gain practical knowledge from the lessons and activities I have planned. 


Students will need to have the following supplies each day:


  • A  three ring binder with a section/folder for reading work
  • Several # 2 pencils & a pencil pouch
  • Loose leaf writing paper
  • Highlighters for marking the text
  • Blue or black pens for final copies
  • Stapley Student Planner(provided by the school)


The following classroom rules and expectations are posted and required by all.

  • Be seated and working when the bell rings.
  • Stay focused during instruction.  Remain on task during class.
  • Be an active listener.  Raise your hand to participate.
  • Respect other’s right, feelings, and property.
  • Clean up quickly and quietly. 
  • Wait to be dismissed by the teacher.
  • Always do your best work.


Grades are calculated on total points and then converted to a percentage score. Quarter grades consist of class assignments, quizzes and test scores.  Semester grades are an average of the two-quarter grades.  The following scale will be used:

·      90 – 100%= A

·      80-89% = B

·      70-79% = C

·      60-69% = D

·      59 and below = F



Each week your son/daughter will copy the reading homework from the board in the classroom into his/her Stapley Student Handbook Planner.  I will check that the assignments are copied accurately, then initial the planner.  I will also be posting all assignments and due dates on my webpage.  In addition to that, parents can now access their child’s grades online from the parent portal.


Homework for this course includes:  work NOT completed during class, reports, projects, and independent reading at home.  A parent signature will also be required on each Reading Log to indicate that actual reading time has been completed.  Independent reading will be added into a student’s homework grade.


Assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  Work that is late or incomplete will not receive full credit.  Any assignments not turned in on the second day after the due date will receive a zero.  Assignments not completed because of an excused absence will be accepted for full credit within one week of the student’s return.  Students are responsible for consulting the Assignment Calendar and daily folders to obtain missed classwork and seeking clarification when necessary.  Any makeup work not completed within the allotted time will be considered late work and receive a zero.


Communication between home and school is vital to your child’s success.  Please feel free to contact me at 472-2721 or lcmiller@mpsaz.org if you have questions, concerns or comments.  Working together we will make this a successful year for your child.


Remember, reading is FUNdamental.