Stapley Jr. High School – Computer Essentials

Ms. L. Cory Miller

Contact Information:  lcmiller@mpsaz.org/480.472.2721


Text Box: WELCOME…I’m so glad YOU are here!!
In In CB02, we will learn computer basics which include understanding how computers help us communicate, how to navigate cyberspace safely, and how to effectively use software programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher!!


Welcome to CB02! This computer literacy course is designed to give every student the opportunity to develop essential computer skills needed for success in school, for use in their personal lives, and for a smooth transition into the world-of-work. Students will become cyber savvy by learning Internet safety skills as they gain a practical understanding of how to safely and responsibly take advantage of online resources. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of composing documents, spreadsheets and presentations through hands-on projects using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This course will also expose students to a variety of other technology resources so they may enhance their learning and increase their productivity in other academic areas.

Please take a few moments to become familiar with the classroom standards, procedures, and computer lab ethics contract which are included on the following pages.  These are designed to improve student success.  Communication is essential for student success.  The preferred method of contact is email, as I check it several times per day.  Also, please use the web page at http://www.mpsaz.org/stapley/staff/lcmiller/cb02computeressentialspolicies as a resource for the course.  


Stapley Junior High School has adopted four attitudes for success:  TRUTH, TRUST, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.  The following school rules and standards will apply in this classroom.  These standards will be more fully defined, discussed, and demonstrated in class.


As a student in CB02, I agree to:

Be in my seat when the bell rings

Bring my materials (i.e. planner, pencil, paper)

Be respectful to all others

Do all of my own work

Keep all food, gum, and drinks out of the classroom

Follow all school and district rules

As a computer user in this class, I agree to:

Keep my login ID confidential and not share it with anyone other than my teachers

Not attempt to log-on with any other ID other than my own assigned ID

Maintain the computer work area and its components

Not enter the internet without teacher permission and then only browse sites that are appropriate and approved by the teacher


Choosing to follow the above rules will result in positive consequences; whereas, an infraction of any of the above standards will result in one or a combination of the following consequences:

Verbal reminder of the standard

Conference with the teacher

Parent involvement

Isolation from the class

Teacher-assigned detention

Behavior/Academic contract

Work duty

Consultation with a counselor

Referral to administration

SEVERE CLAUSE:  Any offense deemed serious enough by me will result in immediate referral to administration.


Grades are calculated into the following categories:

Daily Work (i.e. completed assignments, keyboarding, participation, study guides, signed grade reports)

Product Assessments (i.e. quizzes, tests, and projects)


The grade for the course  is assigned as follows:  90% - 100% = A; 80% - 89% = B; 70% - 79% = C; 60% - 69% = D; 59% and below = F.  

Grades are available online through the parent/student portal by accessing Mesa’s, Stapley’s, or our web page. I encourage you to frequently use the grade portal to access your child’s progress.   We update grades about every two weeks. When students are given a printed copy of their grades, parent or guardian signatures on these grade reports are required and will count as a grade.  These signed grade reports must be returned the following Monday. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to discuss progress on current goals and set new goals for the future.



No late work will be accepted after the conclusion of the unit.  If there is an extenuating circumstance please contact the teacher; these will be handled on an individual basis.


If the student has an excused absence, she or he will have one day for each missed day to complete the missing work.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed before or after class, NOT DURING CLASS TIME. Students may schedule an appointment before or after school to make up work. Missed tests or quizzes must be made up before or after school within the same time period of the length of the absence (i.e. If a student is absent one day, the test or quiz must be made up the day of return).  If the test or quiz is not made up in this time period, the score will be a 0 and the student will not be allowed to make up the test or quiz.  CB02 students are welcome to schedule an appointment to make up missed tests before or after school.  To ensure computer availability, please make an appointment before hand.  


I am usually available after school for extra help. To ensure my presence, please make an appointment beforehand.