Seventh Grade English

Course Outline


Grade Level:    Seventh                                                         Course #:  EN 07

Course Name:  General English                                            Difficulty:  Average

                                                                                                Semesters:  2                                     

Course Description:

This course includes writing, reading fluency and comprehension, literature, informational text, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and research.


Course Objectives

            1.         Students will use the writing process.

            2.         Students will evaluate writing using the 6-traits rubrics.

            3.         Students will write effective sentences using correct conventions.

            4.         Students will write well-structured letters, personal and business.

            5.         Students will write well-structured paragraphs and essays to include

                        summative, expository, persuasion, and argument.

            6.         Students will write multi-paragraph personal narratives.

            7.         Students will read and analyze a variety of literary nonfiction and

                        informational texts.

            8.         Students will learn vocabulary and word parts.

            9.         Students will implement study skills.


Course Content:

Reading:    Short Story       Non-fiction                        Literary Nonfiction     

                    Poetry               Drama                               InformationalTexts           

                    Novels              Independent Reading      Fables and Folktales                          


Writing:     Writing Process                                                  Sentences

                  Six Traits of Writing                                          Letters

                  AIMS Test Prep                                                 Poetry       

                  Vocabulary                                                         Editing

                  Spelling                                                              Grammar

                  Note Taking                                                       Personal Narratives       

                  Literary Analysis                                                Persuasive Writing

                  Study Skills                                                        Descriptive Writing

                  Expository Writing                                            Summative Paragraph



District Writing Test

AIMS Reading and Writing Tests



Selection of reading and writing materials is at the sole discretion of the teacher as long as the materials fit within MPS policies and curriculum.  Reading and writing materials are subject to change through the semester.