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Stapley Physical Education

Course Description:

Physical education class is primarily focused on active participation as well as individual fitness.  In class, you will be engaged in a variety of individual and team sports and activities.  If you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not very athletic” – no need to worry.  Through these activities, you will be learning the basic rules and technical skills to perform safely and accurately. Because 50% of the class is built around participation, it is essential that you are present for class, exhibit sportsmanship and a positive, willing attitude. You will be assessed with fitness challenges, in-class tournaments, and personal fitness growth. With effort, we will have fun and success within our physical education experience.  The biggest competition in this class will be yourself.

“Dressing Out” every day is MANDATORYNo Excuses!  If you forget your clothing you are required to borrow from your coach.  Your payment to borrow clothing will be paid in exercise determined by your coach.

              REQUIRED ATTIRE:

ü  Grey Stapley Phys. Ed. t-shirt with your first and/or last name written clearly on the front. (t-shirts are available for purchase in the Stapley bookstore)

ü  Maroon Stapley shorts with your name written clearly on it.  Ladies may wear athletic tights if they are more comfortable.  (shorts are available in Stapley bookstore)

ü  Athletic shoes properly tied to prevent injury.  *Socks are encouraged.*

ü  Swimsuits will be required during our swimming unit.  It is requested for ladies to wear a one-piece swimsuit if possible.  If a two piece is worn you will be asked to wear a t-shirt.  We want everyone to feel comfortable when we are at the pool swimming.  Questions?  Please ask your class instructor.

ü  When the weather gets cooler you will have the option of wearing sweatshirts and/or sweatpants over your required attire.  We will discuss this when this weather comes around.

ü  Only prescription glasses can be worn in class

Practice good personal hygiene:

ü  Antiperspirant/Deodorant clear gel stick – ABSOLUTELY no white deodorants/antiperspirants

ü  NO aerosol sprays (body or deodorant) – this includes AXE

ü  Showers are not required but are encouraged.  Please shower daily at home if you choose not to do it here. 

Locker room expectations:

ü  On time attendance – this means you are in the locker room before the bell rings. 

ü  NO cell phones should be visible in the locker room at ANYTIMEThis is for your privacy.

ü  NO glass products

ü  NO running, jumping, or throwing of any object for any reason.

ü  After entering the locker room get dressed and sit in your assigned area or squad.


Every class day is worth 10 points.  Half of your ten points (5 pts.) are for class procedures, and the other half of your class points (5 pts.) is for participationHomework/Quiz is expected to be fully completed, accurate, and on time to receive full credit. 

These elements are included into the two areas of classroom procedures & participation:

ü  Attendance [on-time = procedures, absence (**loss of points) = participation

ü  If you miss a day for any reason you will have the option of a make-up.  Talk with your coach for arrangements.

ü  Active participation in chosen activity.  (participation ~ not alternative activity (i.e. walking instead of swimming)  Unless excused by a nurse or doctor

ü  Proper class workout attire (borrowed clothes from coach = loss of points in class procedures)

ü  Sportsmanship (participation and/or class procedures)

ü  Do NOT touch any equipment without permission. = (class procedures)

ü  Do not touch another student without permission. Ex. Poking and/or pushing


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