Welcome to MA 07! The importance of mathematics for potential future careers

cannot be over emphasized. My goal is to prepare your child for the future by

developing his/her understanding and enjoyment of mathematics. The MA 07

curriculum includes the study of number sense and operations with an emphasis on integers and rational numbers, ratios and proportions, algebraic thinking, geometry, and problem solving.


I.          Classroom Guidelines

·       Be on time – in assigned seat when bell rings

·       Be prepared to study and learn - bring assignment, notebook, paper, pencils, pens, and student handbook everyday

·       Participate positively and work to learn

·       Follow teacher directions and school, district, and classroom rules

·       Show respect to all peers and adults by following directions, not interrupting and keeping hands, feet and objects to oneself

·       Do not bring gum, candy, food, or drink (water permitted) into the classroom

·       Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Any student caught either copying another student’s

·       Students are expected to maintain a high level of Stapley J.H. standards of truth, trust, respect, and responsibility



II.         Homework Policy

·       Assignments will be given on a daily basis and are usually due the following day.

·       A more detailed homework policy will be handout out next week and students will be attaching this in their notebook. 


III.        Grading Policy                                                                     

            The students will be graded on the following scale:              Final grade calculation:

A         90% and up                                                                40% - Tests  

B         80 to 89%                                                                   30% - Quizzes

C         70 to 79%                                                                   20% - Assignment Quizzes/Weekly

D         60 to 69%                                                                               Reviews                                            

F          Below 60% (no credit, not passing)                       10% - Assignments



End of unit policies will be handed out to be incorporated into the math notebook.  This will include policies for late work, and re-tests.


IV.        Tutoring

Students will be notified of my tutoring availability at the beginning of each week. All students are also welcome to attend department tutoring. The department tutoring schedule can be found on the Stapley website.           



V.         Textbooks

The textbook is available on-line.  Students will have the option of checking out a textbook or choosing to access the textbook on-line. We will be checking out textbooks on Monday, August 14th, so it is important for students to know whether or not they will be checking out a physical copy of the textbook for home use.





VI.              Supplies

Your child needs the following materials for class:

1.     Composition Book - must be used for notes (1 notebook will be used for the year)

2.  Spiral notebook for assignments

3.  Dry erase markers

4.  Pencils (numerous! - regular or mechanical)

5.  Clear tape or glue stick


Optional Supplies:

1.  Colored pens

2.  Colored pencils and markers

3.  Highlighters

            4.  Scissor


            Classroom Donations Accepted:

            1.  Disinfecting Wipes

            2.  Multi-pack of dishcloths

                 (inexpensive Walmart brand is perfect)

                 - used to wipe dry erase boards


            3. Whiteboard Markers