AZ Jr High Honor Choir

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the 2017 Cantaremos Honor Choir!

The voicings are assigned as follows:


Peyton Rule - Bass


Paige Allen Alto/Alto 2 (in four part split)

Alyx Jackson Alto/Alto 2 (in four part split)

Alexxia Vasquez-Dotzauer Alto/Alto 1 (in four part split)

Leslie Winkler Soprano 2/Soprano 2 (in four part split)


In Son de Camaguey, when your voice part splits, please sing the bottom note of the split.


Above are practice tracks for each song.  Please download them and practice with them daily!


The festival is on Saturday, November 11th.  All notes and rhythms should be learned by that point.  It should be almost memorized.

Practice Schedule

10/31 - Lunch - All Female Voices: When I Think of You

11/1 - Lunch - All Male Voices: Dies Irae

  After School - Altos - Laudate Pueri

11/2 - Lunch - Alto 2 - Take Me to the Water

11/3 - Lunch - All Male Voices  - Cripple Creek

  After School - Soprano 2 - Son de Camaguey

11/6 - Lunch - Alto 1/Soprano 2 - Take Me to the Water

 After School - All Female Voices - Take Me to the Water

11/7 - Lunch - Soprano 2 - Laudate Pueri

  After School - All Male Voices - Adinu

11/8 - Lunch - All Male Voices - Adinu

  After School - Altos - Son de Camaguey

11/9 - Lunch - All Female Voices - All Songs





Tri-City Baptist Church

2211 W. Germann Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85286


Check in starts at 8:30am.  Rehearsal begins at 9:00

Please be there no later than 8:40

Concert is at 4:00 Families are welcome to attend. Tickets are $5 each and may be purchased when you drop off your child in the morning or before the concert in the afternoon.