Policies and Procedures
How to Succeed in Class

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Stapley! I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us as you begin or continue your junior high school career. 


         •Being on time

To be considered “on time”, students must be in the room, getting or looking for their folders, and ready to start class when the last bell rings.  Passing time is your time, but hearing the final bell means it’s time to begin our work.


•Participating Appropriately

Appropriate participation means following all directions the first time, giving your best effort on every activity, and not complaining or being disruptive.  Participation is most important in choir.  After all, we are here to learn how to use our voices and have fun!  Without participation, both of those items will be unattainable.  You cannot fully participate in class with the distraction of a cellphone.



For choir to be a safe place to sing, you must be friendly to your classmates and avoid using put-downs.  Listen attentively while others are answering a question or performing for the class.  Put out the respect that you in turn would want.  Be helpful to your teacher and classmates whenever you can!

Also respect our classroom and auditorium.  Do not bring any food or drinks (besides water) into the building.  We are lucky to have such nice facilities and we want to keep them clean.  Keep your feet off the chairs, and don’t ruin any property that is not your own.



Attitude is everything.  Having a positive attitude can greatly enhance our class and will create an environment that is essential for singing.  On the flip side, having a negative attitude can not only affect your learning but the learning of everyone in the class.  Everyone has a bad day (teachers included) but try and leave that behind as you enter our classroom.  If something serious is affecting the way you are able to behave in class, please talk to Ms. Openshaw about it


Failing to follow the behavior expectations will result in the following:

  1. Warning of wrong behavior and verbal correction
  2. Loss of class points (teacher’s discretion), student will talk to the teacher after class
  3. Detention (gum chewing is an automatic detention as per the Performing Arts Department standards)
  4. Phones call to parents
  5. School administration involvement.


Tardies and Absences

Tardies are unacceptable.  If a tardy happens three times, the students will be serving a detention. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of daily points.

Electronics Policy

Cell phones and other electronics should not be visible during class, unless Ms. Openshaw specifically indicates otherwise.  If cell phones or other electronics are seen during class time, points will be deducted from the student's grade.  Additionally, the following procedure will be implemented:

First offense:  Electronic device will be sent to the front office.  The student may pick it up at the end of the school day if it is the student’s first school-wide office offense.

Second offense:  Electronic device will be sent to the front office.  A parent must go to the front office to sign out the device. 

Third + offense:  Detention will be assigned in addition to second offense consequences.

Concert Attendance Policy

You are required to be at all concerts (automatic failure for concert absences).  The concert experience is impossible to makeup.  Because of this, each of you is required to be at every scheduled concert.  Plenty of notice will be given and no excuses will be accepted (except a death in the family or medical emergency.)  Students will be expected to arrive on time, wear full and complete uniform, display formal concert conduct, and stay for the entire concert.  This is a performance based class – performing is expected from everyone.


If a student has an excused absence for a concert (one that a parent calls or emails me about BEFORE the concert), he or she will be expected to complete a two-page essay.  This essay is to be handed in by the concert date or other date given by Ms. Openshaw.  If you do not turn in the assigned essay on time, it is the equivalent of missing the concert.


If a student has an unexcused absenceno make up points for the concert portion of the grade will be accepted.