Login to Big Ideas Blue Textbook & Canvas

(Textbook, Online Student Assignments, Video of examples, Resources, Selected Answers)

Login Instructions for Textbook

Login: active directory login@students.mpsaz.org (your full school email address)

Active Directory login: Students initials and a randomly generated 4-5 digit number

(See teacher if you don't know what yours is)

Password: active directory password

(Active directory password: Capital first initial, lowercase last initial, 6 digit student ID)

It will redirect you to "clever.com" click "login with active directory"
click "Big Ideas Learning" 
click "Student Dynamic eBook"

Tips for using online textbook:

Video tutorials are labeled "lesson tutorials." A video icon is located next to each example in the book.
Answers to the ODD # Questions for the online textbook are on the lesson page screen - located on the left side under "selected answers." Check them as you go!