• All students will need 2 quad ruled composition books !(1 per semester) You may also want your own colors, ruler, pencil sharpener, and clear tape for use in the notebook.
  • One needs to be ready the very first day of class. we will be using them everyday and the students are responsible to bring them everyday and turn them in when grading has occurred.
  • Be looking for something you would like to do for your science expo research project!

"A" Hour we will begin at 7:30  and go to 8:40 everyday EXCEPT Wednesday!

You will need a composition book, blue pens,  and your own colored pencils we have lots of stuff to color and you will want your own, also have your own pencil sharpener!


Wish List (5 points for each 3, no more than 20 points per quarter!)

Colored pencils 12 count (we go through 40 per year) hand held pencil sharpener

Crayons 24 count (we go through 40 per year)

Glue sticks  lots of them! (we use many, but I do recycle them for 2 cents each!)

Clear tape and masking tape

Kleenex (small square box)

Gift cards to Walmart, Target, & Fry's. These are for lab needs.