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Cells Table of contents                                                 What's the Matter Foldable start to physical/chemical change

Genetics Table of Contents                                            Valence Electron Facebook Page       Rubric

Adaptations/Evolution Table of Contents                                    1-  Facebook Template

Climate Change 5 paragraph essay due 11/15                           2- Facebook Template 

Genetics & Cells Career Project                                                  3- Facebook Template

Bungee Barbie Analysis & Conclusion                             What's the Matter Foldable

Physics Career Project

Group Career Presentation Rubric

Chemistry Career Project

STEM Career Research Project

Car lab anaylsis and conclusion

3rd Law Table of Contents

Car Lab Analysis and Conclusion

1st Law Table of Contents

Atoms/Periodic Table- Table of Contents

Physical Properties Table of Contents

Review Table of Contents

Bonding/Balancing Table of Contents

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Peppered Moth Lab

Genetics Review