The Process of Science

Science fairs give students the opportunity to practice the scientific process, to conduct independent research, and to share what they have learned with the public.


process of science


Science Fair Resources

Archimedes Initiative

Google Science Fair  Check out examples of student projects. 

Discovery Education A great source to gather ideas. 

Science Fair Projects World  A great source to gather ideas. 



Student Science Click here to download the forms you need. Students growing bacteria, working with animals and testing humans must have all forms completed with signatures before beginning their science fair experiment. You can access all three form types below. 

Vertebrate Animal Form 

Complete this form if you are using animals in your experiment. 

Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Risk Assessment Form

Complete this form if you are culturing bacteria. 

Human Informed Consent Form 

If your project involves testing people then you will need to have each participant complete this form with all necessary signatures. The forms must be placed in your logbook (folder). 

Scientific Review Committee

All students who intend to test animals, grow bacteria and human subjects must complete this form and email it to Remember to keep a copy of this form in your logbook (folder). 


District Resources

MPS Science & Engineering Resources 

Stay up to date with all district science fair materials. You can also find additional resources to assist you in developing your project