Ms. Randi McLeod

SLD Teacher

  • 1st Block (1st-2nd hours) - English Language Arts 

We learn ways in which to write more in-depth and complex papers including opinion, informative, narrative, and many more.  We will work on reading comprehension, grammar, and the conventions of writing. Most importantly, we will enjoy reading many books from different genres and increase our vocabulary and critical thinking.

  • 4th Block (4th-5th hours) - English Language Arts

  • 5th Block (5th-6th hours) - English Language Arts 

  • 7th Hour - Reading IV

The reading classes started being offered last year for students who struggle with fluency, word recognition/decoding, or reading comprehension.   This specific class focuses on increasing reading fluency, comprehension, making inferences and independent skills useful for all subjects and classes. We will read alone and together and also practice the reading skills mentioned above in a variety of ways.