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Who is E.L.L.?

English Language Learner (ELL) students are learning English as a second language.  

It is challenging to be a middle school student while learning a new language, but we want you to know we are a community of support and resources for you.  

What is the Common Core?

The term, Common Core, has been used a lot lately in discussions about our children's educational process and what does it look like from classrooms to schools across the United States and on a global scale.  In Arizona, we specifically refer to these learning guidelines as the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.  

The five (5) areas we focus in English Language Arts are as follows:


  • Reading Literature (short stories, novels, dramas)
  • Reading Informational Text (articles, documents)
  • Writing (Narratives, Informational/Explanatory, Argumentative, Poetry)
  • Speaking & Listening Skills (contribute in academic conversations)
  • Language Skills (conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking)


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Pros and Cons

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