Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to U.S. History. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us. 


  • Respect yourself, other students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Complete of all class work and homework.
  • Participation: This class will provide students with ample opportunity to voice your perspective, and constructively critique their fellow student’s and teacher’s viewpoint on a variety engaging issues. Debates, discussion, class presentations will be encouraged & promoted in this course.


  • Be ready to work with appropriate materials (planner, paper, pencils, etc).
  • Make every effort to be present each day.
  • No gum, candy, soft drinks, food permitted in the classroom.
  • I should not be aware of any electronics on your person.


Creativity, conceptual and hands-on projects are a foundational aspect of this class. I require that each student have:

·         Loose leaf paper

.         A section in their 3-ring binder that is clearly labeled 'Social Studies' or a separate durable folder designated for               social studies.

·         Colored pencils/markers

·         Flash drive

·         Glue stick

·         Scissor

·         **A portfolio booklet (An example will be shown in class and a description is located in my online calendar              



Class work, homework, projects, and oral participation in the form of class discussion and structured debates will be evaluated. Exams follow the completion of each unit. 

Assessment Measures:

  • Classwork
  • Oral Participation
  • Portfolio Journal writing (Due every 3rd Friday of the month, see calendar)
  • Current Events (Due the last Thursday of each month, see calendar)
  • A complete description of both the Portfolio Reflection writing and Current Event assignments will be posted on my teacher web page within the calendar.
  • Homework (On average will be assigned two times a week)
  • Jeopardy Quizzes
  • Unit Exams

 Late Work:

8th Grade: I allow ONE late assignment per 9 weeks without penalty if your 'Late Pass' is attached to your work. Any other work will not be accepted.

7th Grade: If a student is missing any assignments/projects, he or she will have until the end of the class unit to hand in. **The student's grade will receive an automatic 50 Percent deduction in points if handed in late.



Grades in this class are computed on a regular 10% scale.

90-100% =A

80-89% =B

70-79%= C

60-69% =D

0-59% =F

Parent-Teacher communication is essential to student success. Students and parents have a number of ways in which they can stay informed to grade related information. These include;

o   Checking grades on the school portal

o   Calling/e-mailing the teacher  (You will receive the quickest response if you email me). 

o   Referring to the student agenda is another valuable tool that can be used to see what your child is working on every day, and if there is any homework assigned. I require students to write the topic and homework in their planner every day

***Please note that I will utilize my teacher webpage to inform parents of any upcoming assignments/homework/projects and debate results. I will be posting this information on a weekly/daily basis.