SC08 General Science

Grade Level: 8th grade
# of Credits: One (1)

Children do not learn by doing. 

They learn by thinking, discussing, and reflecting on what they have done.

SAFETY and PROBLEM SOLVING using the Scientific Method are our focus.

Content for this class covers cells, genetics, adaptations, forces and motion, and chemistry.  These concept areas will be used to move through the Scientific Method.

The curriculum for this class comes directly from the Arizona State Standards for 8th grade science and Mesa Public Schools adopted text.  Content is aligned to Arizona State Standards for 8th grade Science.

MUSD adopted text is Holt, Reinhart, and Winston.  "Cells, Genetics, and Adaptations", "Forces, Motions and Energy", "Introduction to Matter" and "Interaction to Matter"

Scientific Inquiry is the means to the end in this class.  Students will be required to question and evaluate their lab and research findings.  Does it seem reasonable?  Why? What are the relationships?

Students will be required to write a formatted lab write-up for most labs with emphasis on the evaluation of their findings. 

Students will be expected to maintain a science composition book (QUAD ruled - not lined) which will contain their lab write ups, notes, daily information, reflections, worksheets, etc. NO WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED THAT IS NOT IN THE COMP BOOK unless specified as such. 

The planner / homework calendar must be filled out each day at the beginning of class in the student handbook.

All assignments, tests and labs will be worth points rather than percentage grades. Composition books, notes, homework and worksheets will be collected periodically throughout the quarter and  will be graded at that time. 

Any work, test or quiz that causes a student's grade to fall below 80% must be corrected and turned back in / studied for and re-taken.

Grades are available online and up-to-date each time I post a newly graded task.  Please check your Parent Portal regularly.