Extra credit can be earned for a maximum of 4 per quarter.  I will not accept extra credit if you have any zeros for not doing assigned work.  Extra credit is designed to make up a few missed points here and there.  It is NOT in lieu of doing your required work. 

Find a current event in science and write a 2-3 line summary of the article.  THEN, WRITE A 7-10 SENTENCE PARAGRAPH THAT PROVIDES YOUR CRITIQUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED.  (This is your opinion / thoughts of why what you learned is helpful, harmful, useful, etc - NOT a book report)  You will then take a minute or 2 and present this to the class.  Each presented current event will be worth 5 extra credit points.  NO POINTS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU GIVE A BOOK REPORT.  YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR CRITIQUE ON THE TOPIC AND IT MUST BE WELL WRITTEN AND YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.

Here is an example:

I read “A Forest Untouched” in the Wednesday, September 8th Arizona Republic.  The article is about a 160 acre plot of ponderosa pine forest that has not been altered by man or fire in over 100 years.  Researchers are now are able go into the forest and gather data on the trees. 


I think that this is very important because the scientists can learn how the trees grow, age, and die when unaffected by human impact.  From their research, maybe the scientists can figure out how to stop the bark beetle from spreading.  Also, they can use the information to determine if controlled burning helps a forest or not.  The research could help the forestry department decide how to restore areas that have been logged out, cleared for development, or burned.  I think having a real-life lab to gather data in helps the scientists make better conclusions, thereby providing better information to people who need it.


So, the first paragraph in blue is a summary in your own words of the article.  The highlighted part is your critique of the information.  Is it good? Bad? Helpful?  HOW and WHY??????