8/18 Classroom Safety Layout

8/18 Safety Map

Here are two panoramic pictures of the classroom! If you look closely, there are some meter sticks on the counter and one showing the approximate measurement of the sink. Remember that if you multiplied by 3 for your measurements, you will multiple by 3 for everything you measure.

The actual layout of the room is 9x12 meters. Do not represent each square block as one meter or the rectangle on page 20 will be extremely small. If you multiply by 3, you will have a rectangle that is 27 units (squares) long and 36 units (squares) wide.

HINT: In one of the pictures, you can see 2 meter sticks fitting inbetween the sinks. If each meter stick is 3 units (3 squares) on your page, you should have exactly 6 units (6 squares) in between each sink.