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Study Guide Answer Key Unit 4 click here


Week:  Nov 20-22

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  none

Weekly Review: none

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

Review in class

textbook pg 191-195 all questions & submit online

All missing assignments due Tuesday


Review in class

study for test

 Wednesday Test Unit 4

Ugly Sweater due Tuesday

Ugly Sweater Graph paper (pg 2)


no school



no school



Week:  Nov 13-17

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  Star picture click here  Instructions click here

Weekly Review: Q2Wk5 Pink click here 

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.5 Standard Form Notes click here

4.5 worksheet


4.7 Point slope form Day 1 Notes Click here

4.7 worksheet 

 Wednesday 4.7 Point slope form Day 2 

4.7 Textbook pg. 188 #12 - 17  & Study for quiz on 4.1-4.7


Quiz and begin study guide

study guide 

Study Guide Answer Key Unit 4 click here

Review for Tuesday's Test

finish study guide




Week:  Nov 6-9

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  Halloween Candy

Weekly Review: Q2Wk3 Blue click here 

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.4 Slope intercept form Day 1 notes click here

4.4 Day 1 wksheet


4.4 Graphing in Slope intercept form Day 2 notes click here

4.4 Day 2 wksheet

 Wednesday 4.6 Writing Equations from Graphs notes Day 1 click here

4.6 pg 182# 2, 5-12


4.6 Graphing Stained Glass activity & graph

Finish activity due Tues & begin pink weekly review


no school




Week:  Oct 30 - Nov 3

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  Find a picture for each type of slope. Print off or email to me. Label each picture.

Weekly Review: Q2Wk3 Green

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.2 slope formula foldable notes click here

Video on finding slope with formula

4.2 pg 153# 13,14,16,19,21,22,23,25,31 (32 bonus) Complete online and show all work on paper. You must write formula for EVERY question.


4.2ext Perpendicular & parallel lines

Work on Green Weekly Review

 Wednesday 4.1 & 4.2 Practice in class

Finish classwork


4.3 Direction Variation

4.3 worksheet


Quiz &  Slope worksheet

Finish slope worksheet



Week:  Oct 23 - Oct 27

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  8 Challenge Click here

Weekly Review: Q2Wk2 Yellow

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

Finish Study guide for Unit 3 test 



Test - Unit 3

"What you Learned Before W/S"

 Wednesday 4.1 Graphing lines with tables Notes Foldable sheet click here

Graphing Linear Equations from Tables W/S


4.2 Slope Foldable notes click here

Extra Examples click here

Slope dude Video click here

4.2 textbook pg 153#1-3, 7-12 submit online and on paper. YOU MUST WRITE FORMULA FOR SLOPE on EVERY Question!


Solving Equations for Y activity

Solving for Y Answers for activity

Finish Solving for y activity if not completed in class & Q2wk3 weekly review




Week:  Oct 16 - Oct 20

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  Triangles Challenge Click here

Weekly Review: Q2Wk1 Pink Weekly Review

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

3.1 & 3.2 notes continued click here 

3.1 & 3.2 worksheet


3.4 Similar Figures Notes click here

3.4 Practice W/S

 Wednesday 3.3 Interior angles of polygons notes click here

3.3 pg 123 #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 32, 37 (bonus #21)

(complete on paper and submit on Big Ideas also)


3.4 exterior angles of polygons notes click here


Vocabulary Review W/S & weekly review

Vocabulary  Review W/S Answers

 Friday Quiz on Vocabulary Study guide for Unit 3 test - Test on Tuesday



Week:  Oct 2 - Oct 6

Challenge of the Week: None

Weekly Review:  none

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            STARS Practice Review Test

Tessellation Project due Wed

 Tuesday STARS Test

Tessellation Project due Wed

 Wednesday 3.1 Transversals (foldable notes click here)  3.1 Practice Worksheet
 Thursday 3.2 Angles of Triangles Day 1 notes click here


 Friday Dilations Project Dilations Project Extra Credit