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Khan Academy - Videos and examples of all levels of mathematical concepts


Subtraction of Integers: Batman & the Matrix

Football Pythagorean Theorem

Pi Applied to Real Life 

Math Trick

Pixar: The math behind the movies

Math Snacks: Scale Ella

Slope Dude

How to finding slope using slope formula

Graphing equations in slope intercept form  Video



tryy  What to do when you need help:

∞ Notes from class in composition book: Take 5 minutes to review all lesson notes in current chapter each day.  Before beginning homework, review the specific lesson and refer back to it if you have questions. PowerPoint Notes are posted on the homework calendar.

∞ Big Ideas Video examples for each lesson:

Big Ideas On-line website and textbook:  Website contains instructional videos for each lesson, additional examples, and extra practice. Selected odd answers are on left side of screen. click "Selected answers"

Big Ideas Textbook: Odd numbered answers are in the back of the book as a resources. I highly recommend students check their answers after each question. However, all steps to support answer must be shown on paper. 

Internet:  It is okay to look up concepts in which you need help! Videos, similar examples etc. Google the title of the lesson or concept. My webpage also includes educational resource links. (see list below)

Relatives or Friends:  Find a friend or relative that can help (not give answers) – Utilize all other resources on your own first.

Tutoring: Come in and ask questions! To see my before and after school hours, click on the tutoring schedule on my homepage.