Sabercat's Survivor Challenges

Let the games begin...

It all started with the "Cry Baby".  The first leg of the first teammate had to drink Hawaiian Punch from a newborn bottle. Once the bottle was drained, they ran back to the starting line and high fived the next contestant.

"A Bit Dicey" was the next leg. The second teammate put a popsicle stick in his or her mouth and had to stack and balance five die. Once the task was completed, back to the starting line to high five the next teammate.

The third leg was the "Elephant March". Students put a pantyhose on their head that had a softball in the toe. They had to swing their "trunk" to knock down eight water bottles to complete that part of the relay. Back to the starting line to high five the next teammate.

"Unicorn" was the fourth leg of the relay. Students had to stack vanilla cookies on their forehead and hold for a few seconds to be granted permission to head back to their team at the starting line.

The final leg was "Tutti Frutti". Students had to open, unroll and eat a Fruit by the Foot fruit roll up with out using their hands. Compettion was fierce. Once the fruit roll up was eaten the student had to find their team flag and put it into the orange cone.

Survivor Standings

the results are in...
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