Negative Balance Form

Charter/Recharter Form: Contact your school's Activity Secretary for the Google Doc Link  (site specific) to register your club for the current school year.

Requisitions Student Activities Requisition Forms

Student Activities Requisition  PDF

Example Samples To Enter StuAct Requests: Blanket, Cash Envelope and Purchase Order Requests  PDF

Requisition Signature Requirements    PDF

Fundraising Student Club Fundraising Information

FUNDRAISING - Contact your School's Activity Secretary for the Google Doc Link (site specific) to request ALL fundraising activities.

Fundraising submission and approval steps reference 

Monkey Survey Link   

Cash Collection Report  PDF

Student Activities Secretaries Student Activities Secretary Forms & Information

610-620 Money Approved Funding  PDF

Marketing Invoice (Receipt Replacement) PDF

Giving Gifts to the Needy   PDF

Media Centers Student Activities Parent Refund Verification Form

Parent Refund Verification Form (editable) - English

Parent Refund Verification Form (editable) - Spanish

Travel Student Travel Info & Forms

Student Activity Expense Approval - TOTAL Cost of trip/activity with ALL approvals. Complete this form for ALL Travel Expenses from All funds (i.e. student funds, dept funds, etc) Send ALL completed forms to the Student Activites Department. An Expense Approval # will be issued to be referenced on all expense requests. (Revised April 2021)


Student Activities Travel Requisition- If using funds 525,526, or 850 (Request for ALL trip expenses (i.e. PO's, cash envelope, etc.). The 
"Student Activities Expense Approvals" form needs to be completed before Travel Requisition will be processed. (Revised April 2021)


*Sample-Student Activities Expense Approval with Travel Reqs (PO & CE)


ECA/Club Trip Payment Form-english   PDF

ECA/Club Trip Payment Form-spanish  PDF


Armored Car Service

Internal Log Sheet   PDF

Armored Car Schedule

Elementary Secretaries Elementary School Deposit Information for InTouch

Cash Collection Report   PDF 

New InTouch User Request Form   PDF

Bookstore/ Student Stores Cash & Deposit Forms & Info

Ticket Seller Cash Report   PDF

Cash Collection Report   PDF

Weekly Paid Out Form   PDF

Cash Summary Report  Click Here

2021-2022 Cash Summary Schedule PDF

2021-22 Bookstore Supply Price List  PDF

New InTouch User Request  PDF

AP/IB Test Payment Form PDF

AP Parent Webpay Instructions  PDF

IB Parent Webpay Instructions   PDF

PSAT Freshman Test Payment Form   PDF

PSAT Freshman Webpay Instructions   PDF

ECA/Club Trip Payment Form (english) PDF

ECA/Club Trip Payment Form (spanish) PDF

Refunds Student Activities Refund Forms