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Instruction Manuals

Allowable Club Expenditures     Close Up Trip 8/25/15

Account Code Quick Reference

    Start or Recharter A Club
After The Fact Procedures     Club Sponsors, Teachers & Coaches Handbook (8/4/15)

             Bookstore Manager Handbook (08-06-15)
Cash Summary Schedule (1/10/18)     JHAP Guidelines - Junior High Bookstore (10-17-14)
Cash Handling Procedures              
Cash Summary - Bookstore     
Cash Summary - Student Store     Student Council Advisor Handbook
Media Funds Allowable Expense     Elementary School (6/18/15)
Increasing A Purchase Order (6/17/15)     Junior and High School (6/17/15)

InTouch Instructions

    Secret Ballot 
         Object Codes (7/7/15)      

Requisition Signature  Requirements (6/17/15)

     MPS Online WebPay System Video  (02-05-14)


        Student Activities Start-of-New-Year PowerPoint


      Secretary's Procedure Guide 
 Flow Charts      Quick Reference List (7/22/15)
 Fund 850 - Clubs (8/19/16)      Contact List  (1/8/15)
 Fund 525 - Auxiliary (8/19/16)      Introduction
 Fund 526 - ECA (8/19/16)               Vital Dates - Elementary
       Vital Dates - Secondary

     Requisition Instructions and Forms - Elementary
                       Requisition Instructions and Forms - Secondary
 Checklists                  Travel Requisition Instructions and Forms
Preparing a Purchase Order      Purchase Orders
Elementary Important Date Check List (6/15/15)      Limited Value Purchase  Orders
Secondary Important Date Check List (8/14/15)      Cash Envelopes (01-11-18)
Travel check list In-State/Single Day/Field Trip      Extracurricular Activity Guidelines
         Travel check list Overnight & Out of state Trips               ECA Allowable/Non-Allowable Purchases
       After The Fact

Student Store Information      Bank Deposits - Elementary
Smart Snacks/MPS Wellness Food Policy Video      Bank Deposits for Elementary Video
Taking a Month-End Inventory Video      Lumpsum InTouch Entries Video
Student Store Handbook (10-07-15)      Payroll

     Facility Rentals
                Student Debts
 Fun Run Disclaimer      Student Wellness  
   Red Mtn HS Release & Authorization for activities      Copyright
Skyline Little Coyote's Cheer Clinic Disclaimer      

    Secretary's Power Point