Vision & Mission

Vision:  Empowering ALL students to unprecedented academic, behavioral and social-emotional excellence.

Mission:  The mission of Student Support Systems is to support MPS staff and students.  Student Support Systems will help to guide positive evidence-based practices in MPS in order to support all students academically, social-emotionally and behaviorally.

Core Beliefs

  • Every child learns and achieves to high standards
  • Learning includes academic, social and behavioral competencies
  • Every member of the learning community continues to grow, learn and reflect
  • Every leader at all levels is responsible for every child
  • Change is intentional, coherent and dynamic

To Achieve These Beliefs

  • Every child will be provided a rigorous and research-based curriculum
  • Every child will be provided effective and relentless teaching
  • Interventions will be provided at the earliest identification of need
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 supports will use evidence-based interventions
  • Every educator will continuously gain knowledge and develop expertise to build capacity and sustain effective practice
  • Resources will be intentionally designed and redesigned to match student and staff needs
  • Our  department will continuously analyze the needs of MPS schools to provide appropriate professional development
  • Academic and behavioral data will be used to inform instructional decisions
  • Educators, families and community members will be part of the fundamental practice of effective problem-solving and instructional decision making
  • An empowering culture will be enhanced/developed that creates collective responsibility for student success
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What is Student Support Systems?

Link between students, their families, school resources, and community-based health and social services

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