Freshmen Timeline

Third Quarter
It's registration time.

choosing high school courses

3-6-9. Are you on track?

At the end of your first semester you should have three credits.  At the end of this semester, you should have six credits and so on.  How did you do?

Sophomore Year Registration/Course Request

Review your 4-year plan and 10th grade course requests. Make sure the two plans line up with what your current goals are. 

Discuss your course selections with parents/guardians/teachers/advisors. Ask the experts of the classes and the people that know you the best what they would recommend.  Plus, discussing your plans and goals with people can help hold you accountable.

Choose your course requests carefully. Double check to make sure your requests are correct and legible.  You do not want to have to wait in long lines in the fall trying to get a schedule change for something that could have been avoided.  

Consider Advanced Classes


Honors classes are college preparatory classes that allow you to accelerate your learning and begin to prepare for college level work.  These classes will challenge your critical thinking skills and good time management is a must.

Advanced Placement-

Advanced Placement classes are college level classes.  AP teachers must be approved by the CollegeBoard to teach the AP curriculum ensuring that all AP classes are equitable and meet college criteria.  If you take an AP course, you will take an end of the year AP exam in May and, depending on your score (1-5), and the university you plan to attend, you can potentially earn college credit.  To see if the university that you are interested in accepts AP credit and what you would need to score to receive this, check out this link from the CollegeBoard.

Dual Enrollment-

Dual Enrollment classes are college classes that you take in high school that allow you to pay community college tuition and get college credit at the same time.  How is this possible?  Your high school dual enrollment teacher is also certified to teach the college class so you are getting this credit at the same time.  As long as you earn a C or better pay the college tuition, you will receive the community college credit. To learn more click here.

Continue your career research and exploring post grad options.

9th Grade ECAP Checklist

Mesa Public Schools Course Catalog

Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman...

Tips from recent graduates. 

1.  You pick your classes, not your friend's classes.  Make sure you sign up for things that interest you and not just because a friend might be taking it.  You don't want to be stuck in a class you can't drop.

2. If you are someone that wants to take every class you can, work with your advisor on your 4-year plan so you know what will fit and what will not. 

3. Don't be afraid to try something new.  There are a lot more elective options in high school than in junior high.  

4. If you are planning on applying to a university, don't forget about your world language requirements.