Freshmen Timeline

4th Quarter

finish strong

Study for Your Finals

Your finals can be as much as 20% of your final grade.  Don't blow them off.  See if your school has special study sessions to work with your peers and tutors.  

AZCIS Reality Check

It is never too early to start thinking about life after high school and the costs associated with it.  Take this quick reality check to put things in perspective. Then thank your parents/guardians for everything they do to support you. 

Navigate to AZCIS > Just Browsing > Assessments > Reality Check 

Keep Track of all your activities/accomplishments

Next year we will be spending more time talking about developing a resume. Start by keeping track of everything you do or are involved in, in and out of school. 

Create a account

What if...You could earn scholarship money for college every time you got a good grade in high school? 

You could also earn money for playing sports, participating in school clubs, being a leader, volunteering in the community, and more?

Now, you can! You can earn money (scholarships) to pay for college by doing things that will improve your chances of getting into many colleges and universities. Every time you achieve a goal like getting good grades or doing extracurricular activities, you can earn micro-scholarships that begin adding up as early as 9th grade. lets you keep track of your achievements and the money you earn in the form of micro-scholarships — and helps you learn what you can do to earn even more at many colleges and universities. 

What will you do this summer?

Consider service learning, volunteering and/or summer camps.  There are tons of options for summer programs, many of which are inexpensive or even FREE. 

Important Dates

March 11-15 - Spring Break, Schools Closed
April 19 - Spring Holiday
April 10 - Jr. High and High School Late Start
May 22 - Early Release (HS only)
May 23 - Last Day of School and Graduation

9th Grade ECAP Checklist

SMART Goals for Summer

Set some goals for yourself.  Being productive actually does feel better than sleeping till noon...most of the time.

SMART goals

Mesa Service Learning Program