Senior Timeline
Final Semester - Countdown to Graduation

Fourth Quarter

Decision Day - May 1st

May 1st is National Signing Day!  Check with your school's advisement office/career center to see what special plans they may have in store.  Share your accomplishments with the world on social media with hashtags like #signingday, #wwaccepted (Westwood Students), or tagging your college. 

Deposits Are Due

There are more college deadlines than just admissions and FAFSA.  If you are planning to attend a university, you may have an acceptance deposit, housing decision and deposit, summer bridge programs etc.  Check your college accounts for any notifications.  

Finish Strong - No time for Senioritis

Make sure that you keep working on all of your classes all the way to graduation.  Do not let your grades suffer as the temperate increases and you see graduation inch closer and closer.  Your final semester still matters!

If you are taking any MDLP classes, CEP work credit or Credit Recovery, be aware of your schools deadlines for completion.  

Placement Testing

If you are planning to attend one of our Maricopa Community Colleges, you will need to take the Accuplacer Tests.  Your high school may offer a time when the colleges come to offer them.  Check with your advisement office or career center for scheduled dates.  

Sample Math Questions | Sample Essays | Sample Questions All

Scholarship Reporting

Each year, Mesa Public Schools puts together a report of scholarships that students have earned.  Advisors will work with you to submit this information so keep it all together to make the process easier.  

Financial Aid Letter Reader

Use this tool to help you understand your financial aid letter.
Just scan and upload a copy and this tool can tell you what type of aid you are getting!

Submit Your Final Transcripts

Wherever you end up going to school, they will need your final transcript sent once your fourth quarter grades are posted.  You can do so through Parchment.  If you have trouble with your parchment submission, speak with your advisor or registrar.

                 Request my Transcript through Parchment

Getting into college was the easy part. Staying there is becoming harder than ever, experts say.

However difficult getting into college may have been, it turns out, that may have been the easiest part of the transition to college life, admissions officials say. Inadequate preparation, unrealistic expectations and other issues that college freshmen don’t anticipate can become important obstacles to happiness and success.

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