Sophomore Timeline

Fourth Quarter


Study for your finals

Your finals can be as much as 20% of your final grade.  Don't blow them off.  See if your school has special study sessions to work with your peers and tutors.  

Update your Resume

It is a good idea to get in the habit of updating your resume every Spring throughout your high school years.  This ensures that your resume will have the most current information as you enter summer. You never know when you are going to need a resume to apply for that perfect summer internship, volunteer opportunity, or summer program.  Not to mention, you may even be looking for paid employment.  A resume helps you to stand out from the others.  

Update your account

What if...You could earn scholarship money for college every time you got a good grade in high school? 

You could also earn money for playing sports, participating in school clubs, being a leader, volunteering in the community, and more?

Now, you can! You can earn money (scholarships) to pay for college by doing things that will improve your chances of getting into many colleges and universities. Every time you achieve a goal like getting good grades or doing extracurricular activities, you can earn micro-scholarships that begin adding up as early as 9th grade. lets you keep track of your achievements and the money you earn in the form of micro-scholarships — and helps you learn what you can do to earn even more at many colleges and universities. 

What will you do this summer?

Consider service learningvolunteering and/or summer camps.  There are tons of options for summer programs, many of which are inexpensive or even FREE. 

Begin researching post-graduate institutions

When we say post-graduate institutions we are talking about universities, community colleges, tech schools and the military.  

SMART Goals for Summer

Set some goals for yourself.  Being productive actually does feel better than sleeping till noon...most of the time.

SMART goals