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Early Release for K-6 Students at 12:45 on Wed., 9/18.

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Extra Early Release for Professional Development Wednesday, 9/18

K-6 students will be released at 12:45pm Wednesday, 9/18 for staff professional development.

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Fire Safety Tips from the Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Smoke Alarms Save Lives!: Be sure to have at least one smoke alarm outside each sleeping area and on each level or your home. Remember to test them monthy and change the battery every year! Smoke alarms also expire after 10 years so don’t forget to replace them!

Know 2 Ways Out: Each room in your home should have two clear exits out.  Keep your exits free of clutter, trash, toys and furniture.

Have a Meeting Place: Once your family has escaped a fire, your family needs to have a meeting place to ensure everyone has escaped safely.  Every member of your family should know where the meeting place is.  The neighbor’s house could be a good meeting place because you will have access to a phone to call the fire department!

9-1-1: Be sure that everyone in your family knows the correct number to call in an emergency! Remind your family that 9-1-1 is only to be called in an EMERGENCY.

PRACTICE: Have your family practice your home escape plan at least twice a year. You have fire drills at school to prepare you in case of a fire, it’s a good idea to have them at home too!

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6th Grade Performance

Kindergarten Performance

2018 Annual Charity Run a Success!

On Wednesday, Summit Academy had its annual Charity Run on the K-6 campus.

This year, the run benefited Cardon Children Medical Center’s Toy Closets Program.  Cardon has toy closets or carts at all of their facilities that offer pediatric services to provide a much-deserved reward to children undergoing treatment.  After a challenging procedure or achieving a milestone, a child’s trip to the toy closet to choose their own toy means the world to them and we wanted to help support that.  Overall, we raised $ 2,779.86! 

Check out the photo gallery from this year's event!

4th Grade Performance

Congratulations from Dr. Conley


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Xplore is an exciting extended-day program for K-6 students. Children love the wide variety of instructional and recreational activities which can include computer learning, chess and other enrichment classes, PE teacher directed athletics, group games, homework assistance, and more.