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Student Device Distribution

We are excited to welcome our students for the 2020-21 school year. As a reminder, we start school on August 4, with remote learning for all students. 


Your child will need to have access to a laptop and internet to do their learning. Summit Academy will be distributing laptops to students and families who need or want to borrow one on Thursday, July 23 and Friday, July 24 from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.  


We will be handing out the laptops in a drive-thru format. You must remain in your vehicle at all times. Parents or legal guardians and students must be there in person to pick up their laptops. At pickup, employees will be asking families if they have reliable internet access and will have flyers with information about purchasing low-cost internet. Along with their laptop, students will be given instructions for logging on to their laptop, connect their laptop to WiFi and how to enroll in the Device Protection Plan. Additionally, you will receive instructions for logging in to Canvas, our district learning management system, which is where students will access online learning materials. 


As soon as it is safe for our students and staff to return to campus, families may choose to transition to modified in-person and ultimately in-person learning. We will share more information when it becomes available.


We miss all of our students and we can’t wait to see you. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy your summer. 



Hola, familias de Summit Academy, este es el director Mark Andrews,


Estamos emocionados de dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes para el año escolar 2020-21. Como recordatorio, comenzaremos clases el 4 de agosto, con aprendizaje remoto para todos los estudiantes. 


Su hijo necesitará tener acceso a una computadora portátil e internet para aprender. Summit Academy distribuirá computadoras portátiles a los estudiantes y las familias que necesiten o quieran pedir una prestada del 23 al 24 de julio de 7:00-11:00 a.m.


Distribuiremos las computadoras portátiles a manera de “drive-thru”. Debe permanecer en su vehículo en todo momento. Los padres o tutores legales Y los estudiantes deben estar allí en persona para recoger sus computadoras portátiles. Los empleados del distrito preguntarán a las familias si tienen acceso confiable a Internet y tendrán volantes con información sobre cómo comprar internet de bajo costo. Junto con su computadora portátil, los estudiantes recibirán instrucciones para iniciar sesión en su computadora, conectar su computadora a WiFi y cómo inscribirse en el Plan de Protección del Dispositivo. Además, usted recibirá instrucciones para iniciar sesión en Canvas, nuestro sistema de administración de aprendizaje del distrito, que es donde los estudiantes accederán a los materiales de aprendizaje en línea.


Tan pronto como sea seguro para nuestros estudiantes y el personal regresar al campus, las familias podrán optar por la transición al aprendizaje presencial modificado y, en última instancia, presencial. Compartiremos más información cuando esté disponible.


Echamos de menos a todas/os nuestros estudiantes y no podemos esperar a verlos. Manténgase seguro y saludable, y disfrute su verano.

K-6 End of the Year Video

Summit Academy has once again earned an "A" letter grade from the state of Arizona!!

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Fire Safety Tips from the Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Smoke Alarms Save Lives!: Be sure to have at least one smoke alarm outside each sleeping area and on each level or your home. Remember to test them monthy and change the battery every year! Smoke alarms also expire after 10 years so don’t forget to replace them!

Know 2 Ways Out: Each room in your home should have two clear exits out.  Keep your exits free of clutter, trash, toys and furniture.

Have a Meeting Place: Once your family has escaped a fire, your family needs to have a meeting place to ensure everyone has escaped safely.  Every member of your family should know where the meeting place is.  The neighbor’s house could be a good meeting place because you will have access to a phone to call the fire department!

9-1-1: Be sure that everyone in your family knows the correct number to call in an emergency! Remind your family that 9-1-1 is only to be called in an EMERGENCY.

PRACTICE: Have your family practice your home escape plan at least twice a year. You have fire drills at school to prepare you in case of a fire, it’s a good idea to have them at home too!

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Safety Tips From The Mesa Fire and Medical Department

The Arizona Booster Seat Law:

  • An appropriate child passenger safety seat is required up to age 8 or under four feet 9 inches tall.
  • This is a primary law and fines start at $50
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We are an A+ School of Excellence!

5th Grade 2nd Quarter Performance


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