school supplies

Backpack without wheels
Sharpened pencils or Mechanical Pencils

Colored pencils 12/bx or Crayons 24/bx
Package of different colored highlighters
Package of THIN dry erase markers
2 boxes of tissue
2 packs of post-its
3 large glue sticks
A pair of scissors
3 Composition notebooks 9x7
Two-pocket folder with no clips (any color)

Set of earbuds or headphones
Optional:  Wireless mouse for laptop computer


Additional donation needs:
Extra Tissue Boxes
 Lysol or Clorox Wipes
Package of individually wrapped candy (lifesavers or jolly ranchers)


 I recommend having the following supplies at home for students to use while completing homework:

~ pencil box

~ sharpened pencils

~ scissors

~ colored pencils or crayons

~ glue stick