Test Retake Policy

Retake it till you make it!

Students are able to retake certain tests or quizzes in order to improve their grade.  Any test that is open book or open notes will not be available for retake.  A student must have completed their comprehension homework in order to retake the weekly comprehension quiz from our Achieve 3000 program.

In order to retake a test, students must complete a “Test Retake Reflection” where they will reflect on what they did well and what they need more help with.  These forms are readily available in the classroom and can be accessed online by clicking the link above.  Students have one week from the date of the test to complete the retake form and submit it with a copy of the graded test they want to retake.  From then, students have two weeks to complete the retake before school, during recess, or after school.  Your child may need your assistance at the beginning of the year to decide whether or not to retake a test.  Monitoring their progress report at the end of each week will be a great way for you to provide that coaching.  If the student’s grade improves on the retake, that will become the new score in the grade book.  If their grade does not improve, the original score will be kept.  Your child’s grades are available to view online through your district parent portal.