Homework picture

Homework is important as an aid in helping students make the most of their learning and growth.  It is designed to reinforce skills already learned, to extend concepts, to teach responsibility, and to develop positive study habits. 

Because I personally understand the schedules of today’s family, homework in my classroom will NEVER be busy work. 


On most weeks, students will be given an Achieve 3000 Reading Packet for homework.  This homework consists of one non-fiction article and note-taking throughout the week.  Students will be required to read or have the article read to them every night, then write the required notes.  I have attached a copy of our note-taking template, a sample of our notes,and homework guidelines below.  You can find a copy of the weekly homework article under the "Quarter 1" tab.

The packet must come back to school every day so that I can check off on completion and quality of work. The whole packet is due Thursday.  Students will be allowed to use their article and notes to take a quiz on Thursday at school.

*Sample note page, notes, and homework guidelines

How can I help my child on their Achieve 3000 reading homework packet?