Start of a New School Year

Welcome Summit Academy Mountaineer Parents. The P.E. program offers a wide variety of activities to allow students a broad base of knowledge and experiences. Activities include such things as hula hoops, jump ropes, golf, bowling, rhythms, climbing ropes and team sports (basketball, soccer, field hockey, etc.) Presentation of skills and challenges are given so students can work individually or in small groups, regardless of skill level, in order to acquire and enhance useful skills. By offering such a diverse curriculum we hope to offer something fun for everyone.


Your Student's P.E. Experience

Students attend class twice a week for 30 minutes. Each lesson is divided into four parts:

1. Warm-up (2-3 minutes)

a. Prepares students for strenuous activity.

b. Students are immediately active in class.

2. Fitness (7-8 minutes)

            a. Expose students to various exercise routines.

3. Lesson Focus (15-20 minutes)

            a. Develop skills and body management.

            b. Introduction to sports skills and/or sports concepts.

4. Game (5-7 minutes)

a. Opportunity to apply skills or concepts learned in lesson focus.

b. Ending class on a fun/positive note.

Student's P.E. Days and Times

Students’ P.E. days and time can be found at this link . P.E. days and time


P. E. Rules and Consequences

The P. E. rules and consequences can be found at this link. rules and consequences


P.E. Grading

Physical Education is graded in two areas: participation and behavior.

Students are graded on the following items.

Participation – Effort, following directions, hustling, trying activities and a positive attitude.

Behavior – Respect to others, listening to the teacher, care of equipment and body control.

Students in all grades will receive one of the following marks in each of the two areas.

4 = Outstanding effort.

3 = Satisfactory/consistent effort.

2 = Effort is Improving but not consistent.

1 = Effort is an area of concern.

Student Attire

 Children should dress for comfort and safety. Children are asked to wear tennis shoes to class, as many accidents can be prevented with the proper shoes. Depending on the lesson students may be told to sit out for that day if they do not have safe shoes.

Physical Education Teachers

At Summit Academy we have two Physical Education teachers. Mr. Russell is starting his 28th year associated with Summit Academy. Mr. Fairfield is starting his twenty second year with Mesa Public Schools and first year with Summit Academy. Please feel free to contact either of us at # 472-3537 if you have any questions.

Medical Excuses

If you would like your child excused from P. E. for health reasons, please send a note or notify the school nurse as soon as possible(472-3455).If your child will be out longer then a week a doctor’s note will be requested. 

If your child has special medical or physical limitations please make sure to notify the school nurse.