Mrs. Martha Garchow

¡Hola! I'd like to share a little bit about myself.  I was born in Managua, Nicaragua and at the age of six my family moved to the United States.  I learned English at school, while my mother taught me to speak, read, and write Spanish at home. I am very blessed and grateful to be bilingual and I hope to pass that feeling on to my students so they too can benefit from knowing two languages. 

I have two amazing and beautiful daughters. My oldest, Nadia is a Senior in High School, and Liliana, my youngest, is a Junior in High School.  We spend most our time going back and forth between soccer, marching band,  and church activities.  They truly keep me busy and active all year long!  We enjoy sports, movies, and spending lots of time with the rest of our family. 


I attended college at Arizona State University.  Go Sun Devils!  I took courses in linguistics, bilingual, and multicultural education.  In 2003, I received my bachelors degree in Multicultural/Multilingual Education with an English as a Second Language (ESL) and a Bilingual Education Endorsement. In June 2016 I received my Masters of Education in the field of Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) from Grand Canyon University. 


I truly love my job as an educator.  Before teaching at Summit, I taught 3rd grade for two years in the Roosevelt School District. In 2008 I started teaching Spanish at Summit Academy for grades Kindergarten through 6th. From one year to the next I've had the privilege of seeing Summit students increase their knowledge and confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish.  I feel extremely fortunate to have such a rewarding position at Summit. I look forward to teaching your child!



Mrs. Martha Garchow
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