Ms. Davis' Third Grade Supply List
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

• 1 standard sized plastic school box (approximately 8"x4" pencil box) labeled with child's name. Please, no pouches or small boxes.
• Personal Earbuds for Computers and Laptops- While every effort is made to keep school headsets clean, they are shared between students. I strongly recommend your child brings earbuds to school. Please make sure the earbuds fit your child, and are in a baggie or container labeled with your child's name. Please do not send headsets.
• 1 package plastic pocket dividers (made for 3 ring notebooks)
• 2 plastic pocket folders with tabs down the middle for paper. (1 blue and 1 green.)
• 1 box of name brand pencils to share with the class (off brand pencils/dollar store pencils can be hard to sharpen and break easily) Ticonderogas are greatly appreciated!
• 1 box Kleenex (extra boxes are always appreciated!)
• 1 roll paper towels (extra rolls are always appreciated)
• 1 pack unscented baby wipes (extra packs are always appreciated!)
• 1 container hand sanitizer (pump dispenser)
• 1 box thin-line dry erase markers (low odor) labeled with child's name
• 1 pencil sharpener with a bubble catch for shavings - labeled with child's name
• 2 Elmer's All Purpose glue sticks labeled with child's name. Glue sticks labeled "School Glue" do not stick very well and can be very frustrating for your child.
• 1 box of crayons (24 pack) labeled with child's name
• 1 pair scissors labeled with child's name
• One 10 pack broad line markers (classic pack, nothing fancy!)
• 4 highlighters: yellow, green, pink, orange labeled with child's name
• Reusable water bottle labeled with child's name.

Remember: Supplies do not need to be new! Last year's scissors, crayons, water bottle etc. work just fine!


Note: Storage room in the class is very limited.
Please do not send to school:
*Three ring notebooks or trapper keepers
*Large backpacks/*rolling backpacks- Typically, your child will have a homework folder, water bottle, and independent reading book in his or her backpack. The weight of the backpack will not be a concern.