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December 13, 2017

Let me start with your children are wonderful musicians! The band and orchestra concerts over the last two weeks have been phenomenal. 

BizTown was a huge success! Thank you all that volunteered your time and helped your children look professional for their workday. Your kids were so busy that they had no time to even relax. I truly appreciate all of your time and patience with us at BizTown.
Students finished a unit dividing fractions and started a unit involving addition and subtraction of decimals this week. Today, they will be taking a quiz and beginning multiplying decimals and whole numbers.The decimal work focused on drawing models to solve the problems using sketches of base-10 blocks and decimal grids. Students in the accelerated class completed a 6th grade unit on using mathematical properties to simplify expressions. Focus was placed on combining like terms. 
Language Arts
We finished reading the novel “Blood on the River” this week. The historical fiction novel describes the establishment of the first successful English colony in America through the eyes of Captain John Smith’s page, an 11-year-old boy named Samuel in Jamestown, Virginia. Ask your child to describe their favorite part so far and to share some of their wondering points with you. We also continued work on our Jamestown writing project. All students completed a detailed outline for their essay before beginning the drafting process. We practiced writing introductions using the acronym GBQT where G stands for grabber, B stands for background, Q stands for question, and T stands for thesis. Focus was placed on writing claims using evidence found in the documents provided and adding reasoning to support why the evidence supports the claim they made.
Social Studies
We are beginning studying the three dilemmas that West Africans faced when coming to the Americas in the 1400's. This is the start of American slavery. It is a difficult subject and the students are very opinionated about it. Our discussions have been very in depth.
Finally, we will be having a holiday party during the last few days of school.  I haven't decided which day it will be yet.  As part of the celebration, we do a candy bar exchange.  Please send a wrapped candy bar or $1 for me to purchase one for them to school by Wednesday, December 20th.  We do have one student with a peanut allergy, so please choose a candy bar without nuts.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  In addition to the classroom celebration, our school's music teacher, Mrs. Price, leads the school in an all school sing-a-long during the holiday season.  It will be held on Thursday, December 21st starting at 8:45am.  It usually lasts about 45 minutes.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Important Dates:
12/21 ~ All School Sing at 8:45
             School Picnic at 11:16 (Flyers are going home today)
12/22 ~ IB Assembly at 10:20

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for allowing me to be your child's teacher!



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