Mr. Richard Campos

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Vision Statement

I will create and inspire a warm, safe, caring community of students and families where all may realize their full potential and become life-long learners.

In this community self-esteem will be nurtured.  Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.  Individuality and uniqueness will be valued and differences will be resolved peacefully.

All members will also be filled with the desire and determination to learn, accept challenges and succeed.  Expectation levels will be high and attainable.

Students will be readers, writers, thinkers, problem solvers and doers.  They will emerge literate, productive children ready to continue their path toward becoming contributing, productive citizens.



Personal Philosophy

I Believe:

All children deserve the best education possible.

All children need to feel that they belong before they can learn.

Each child's self-esteem is more important than the day's lessons.

Schools must provide a positive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Children need a developmentally appropriate, meaningful, relevant curriculum, taught utilizing a variety of techniques, modalities and resources.

Teaching must begin where children are, not where we think they should be, and their growth measured independently.

Children's parents are the most important people in their child's life; we, as educators cannot do it alone.

We must respect individual differences and accept each child as unique.

Patience and a good sense of humor are important in managing student behavior.

It is important for everyone to provide support and encouragement for their colleagues; to collaborate, communicate, and work together as a team.

Teachers DO make a difference; they impact EVERY child's life.        


Welcome to 4th Grade!!!

This year will be especially exciting for me because I will have the opportunity to teach your child.  For our fourth graders this will be an exciting time filled with new elementary school experiences and a time of preparation for the adventures and challenges of fourth grade.  Many interesting and fun learning adventures are planned for our students this year.  It is my goal to help your child progress, achieve, and succeed in his/her education.  Please visit whenever you wish, come help if you can, and feel free to call when you have questions, suggestions, concerns, and comments.

Thank you for your support and involvement.  This will be a very special year for all of us!

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