Dear Parents,

     Welcome back to another exciting school year!  I hope your summer break was enjoyable and you and your family are ready to begin another year filled with new experiences and exciting activities.  Here are a few important dates to remember:

Meet The Teacher Night is Aug. 6th from 5-6pm

First Day of School-  Aug. 8th (start time is 8:00am)

Curriculum Night-  Aug. 30th, 1st session: 6-6:25 p.m. 2nd session: 6:35-7 p.m. 

     It is not required that parents purchase instructional supplies in Mesa Public Schools.  However, I am often asked what back-to-school supplies would be most useful for your child and the classroom.  Having school aged kids myself; I know it's somewhat helpful to have a list of school supplies early so that you can stock up as the sales start.  Therefore, here's a list of instructional supplies that would be most useful for your child and our classroom:

Dry Erase Markers (no yellow or black, please)

Note Cards (2 packs)

Two large glue sticks (not liquid glue)

Several pencils (please NO mechanical pencils)

Colored pencils (no markers)

College ruled paper (4)


Composition Books (4)

Three pocket folders with center fasteners (three clips in middle)

Boxes of tissues (4)

Below is a list of items that you may wish to donate to our classroom throughout the year.  (do not feel obligated to donate unless you would like to).  Please only donate items that you do not wish to have returned, as these items will be used in our room for activities throughout the year.  Please do not put your child's name on these items, as they will be shared by all.

"Wet Wipes" antibacterial

Liquid hand soap

Hand Sanitizer




Thanks so much for your support!

Mr. Campos