Supply List

Ms. Staas- Third Grade

Please Remember!

Supplies do not need to be new.

Storage room in the class is very limited. Please do not send extra supplies (not on the list). Additionally, extra large backpacks/rolling backpacks are difficult to store. On a typical school day your child will have a homework folder, water bottle, and an independent reading book in his or her backpack. The weight of the backpack will not be a concern.


  • Personal earbuds (not headset) for computers. Please have the earbuds in a zip bag or container labeled with child’s name.

  • 2 plain plastic pocket folders  (1 blue and 1 green.) with metal tabs to hold paper.

  • 2 plain composition notebooks (wide ruled)

  • 1 box of name brand pencils to share with the class (off brand pencils/dollar store pencils can be hard to sharpen and break easily) Ticonderogas are greatly appreciated!

  • 1 pack fine tip- low odor dry erase markers.

  • 1 box of Kleenex (extra boxes are always appreciated)

  • 1 roll paper towels (extra rolls are always appreciated)

  • 2 packs unscented baby wipes

  • 1 pencil sharpener with a bubble catch for shavings, labeled with child's name.

  • 2 large size glue sticks. Look for Elmer’s “All Purpose” glue sticks. Glue sticks labeled "School Glue" do not work very well and can be frustrating for your child.

  • 1 box of crayons (24 pack)

  • 1 box colored pencils (12 pack)

  • 4 highlighters: yellow, green, pink, and orange.

  • Small reusable water bottle, labeled with child's name.