Technology Agreement



Students are provided with access to technology resources in order to access, gather, create, organize, analyze and communicate information and ideas. Through the use of the Internet, students can use a multitude of databases, libraries, images and computer services from all over the world. With this capability comes heavy responsibility.

It is inherently stated that students are expected to be working solely on that which is specifically assigned in class and nothing else while working on computers in-class.

Use of technology in the IB Honor’s program is extremely important. Violation of these rules will result in the student being removed from computer use in class (student is expected to make up computer work on his or her own time). 

Parents and students must sign the Parent/Student Awareness form that acknowledges receipt and acceptance of this agreement.

Instructional Assurances

When the Internet is being used, the following assurances will be made: 

• Supervision will be provided. 

• All activities using the Internet will have a curriculum focus and well-defined purpose. 

• All online searching activities will be structured using age-appropriate search engines. All teachers will provide instruction and scaffolding necessary for students to use research ethically. 

• “Free surfing” on the Internet will not be allowed on any District computer. 

• Collaborative Exchanges/Projects and other types of direct electronic communication will be filtered by the District and the use will be determined by the site and closely monitored by the teacher. 

• Any information or student work published or submitted through the Internet is not private; therefore, no student’s last name or address will be published on District Internet web pages. 

Student Responsibility

Students who utilize technology resources and the Internet at school agree to the statements below: 

• I will carefully handle all pieces of technology.

• I will use the Internet and District network resources for appropriate educational uses only.

• I will report any misuse of the Internet or District network resources to my teacher. 

• I will play education-related games only under the supervision of my teacher.

• I will tell my teacher immediately if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I know I should not be looking at. 

• I will follow all Internet safety and etiquette rules while I am working online.

• I will abide by all copyright laws and fair use guidelines. 

• I will not illegally download, copy, or plagiarize information from electronic or other sources.

• I will not give out personal information via the Internet such as my full name, home address, telephone number, parents’ work addresses or telephone numbers or any personally-identifiable data for myself, other students, or teachers. 

• I will not retrieve, send or display offensive images or messages, insult, threaten or harass others, post anonymous communication or use the Internet or District network resources to engage in cyber bullying, illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes. 

• I will not use proxy services or any other means of attempting to go around District filtering systems.

• I will not use the District network resources in a way that would disrupt the use of the network by others, compromise network security, or cause connected systems to crash. 

• I will not modify workstation settings.

• I will not seek to gain access to unauthorized resources or entities, District data systems or data, or the data and files of others. 

• I will not subscribe to or purchase services or products through the Internet. 

• I will not use Instant Messaging services. 

• I will not destroy, or attempt to alter or destroy, any data, hardware or software. 

• I will not attempt to alter or modify files, file names, folders, or folder names that do not belong to me.  

• I will not download or install any software or program on any computer. 

• I will not download music or video files without an educational purpose and teacher permission. 

• I will not share my username or password with others, nor will I use another person’s username/password. 

Student Honesty Policy 


Honest behavior is an expectation for all students at Summit Academy. The purpose of this policy is to create and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere. Summit Academy hopes to encourage a desire in our students to contribute positively to our learning community, to become information literate, and to practice ethical behaviors in regard to information and information technology. All students are expected to exercise good faith in the submission of research-based work and to document accurately regardless of how the information is used or regardless of the format used (written, oral, or visual). Plagiarism, in any form, is unethical and unacceptable.

Please keep this document for your records and sign the Statement of Awareness.