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Parents can say goodbye to sending cash and checks to the school cafeteria! By creating a secure online account, parents can manage their student’s cafeteria accounts easily and conveniently. Whether it’s viewing what meals your child purchased for the week, or simply setting weekly or daily spending limits for your child, provides you with a direct link to your student’s school wherever you have internet access. Now parents can experience the benefits of using by taking advantage of some of our popular features:

  • Spending History- Parents can view a 7 day history of student purchases.
  • Low Balance Email Notification – Parents can receive email notification when their student’s account balance is low.
  • Expired Credit Card Notification – Parents can receive email notification prior to credit card expiration.
  • Meal Control Settings - Parents can select “meals only” and/or “ala carte” meals for their students.
  • Spending Limit Settings – Parents can set daily and weekly spending limits for their students.
  • Multi Student funding – Parents can fund multiple students at the same time.

In addition to adding a variety of parent tools to, we’ve also added a new service called “Smart Pay”. Smart Pay is designed for busy parents that want to make sure their child always has money but may not always have the time to constantly check their account balance. Smart Pay allows parents to set their account to automatically replenish when the balance gets low and sends automatic monthly transaction reports of all their payments. Just another “Smart” way to Powering student life….One click at a time!!!!

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