District Guidelines for Student Behavior 

To assist you and others in the pursuit of a quality education, we have established some guidelines for student behavior. These guidelines are based on existing policies and procedures of the district and are designed to create a pleasant and safe environment for students in our schools.


You must remember that you are responsible for your own actions. If your actions are in violation of school guidelines, you will have to accept the consequences. You should also understand that Arizona law allows the district to hold you accountable for your behavior on school property, on the way to and from school, during any school-sponsored activity, at school bus stops, and in other locations outside school grounds if the behavior has a negative impact on other students, teachers or school activities.


 For more detail in regards to district disciplinary policy please go to "Guidelines for Student Behavior".


Behavior Guidelines

Good behavior is essential for your success at Summit Academy. Because your behavior reflects the pride you have in yourself, you will be expected to behave according to the rules and regulations discussed below. No student will be permitted to disrupt the learning of another student or to fight, harass or hurt anyone.