Parent As Partners Initiative

Food, Food and More Food!

Can you believe how expensive food has become?!?! It’s another challenge to stretch the dollar as well as squeeze out family time. This is the workshop for you! One night will focus on power shopping; another will watch fantastic meals demonstrated; and the last night we will test our knowledge by preparing the time and money-saving recipes.

Yes, come hungry and leave full…

very full.

Stretch, Save & Suspend Spending




March 23



Throw Down -


March 30



What’s cooking? -


April 6






Tools You Can Use

P.A.V.E -


February 23



That Ol’ Black Magic -


March 2



Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

(aka…early sexual experiences) -

March 9

The birds & the bees! It’s a

tough conversation, but when

you’re prepared to share you’ll be

amazed how helpful it is to know just

what to say. Research shows how

important this conversation can and

will be. We’ll provide you with the

tools - and courage - to be the most

effective when you “have the talk” -

only it’s really have a listen. The

effects are life changing.

The following are brought to you through Mesa Public Schools Parent University:

All Classes start at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm

For information on the following

Parent University classes, please

contact: Jan Umhay

Parent University Coordinator


For Information on the following

Parent As Partners Initiative classes:

( Tools You Can Use & Teen Talk ),

please contact:Tammy Clow-Kennedy


Are you winning? -


April 13




! Or better



Teen Talk

Parenting…it’s not as simple as it

looks. Teens don’t come with

instructions and they certainly don’t

come with subtitles. Being thrown

in the deep end only teaches you

how to survive. We may not make

you the Michael Phelps of Parenting,

but we’ll introduce you to proper

form and a few basic strokes.

What Part of


NO…? -

April 20




Because I said so! -


April 20




the parent?!?!



You hated it when you were

a kid! What makes you

think it will magically work

now that

Why is it obvious to everyone except

your kid? Learn

to set limits and clearly

communicate your

expectations. What part of “YES”

can you get them to understand?

yet, they can memorize the playbook

in a week yet get a D in English.

We have a plan…you have a kid.

Let’s put them together and build a

successful relationship! It’s one step

at a time with one win to go.

Have you ever wondered

what is really going on in

your son or daughter’s

head? They will play with broken

bones for their coach but won’t take

out the garbage for

Are your kids as good at hiding the

signs as you were? Are you as clueless

as you thought your parents were?

Take the time to join us for a look at

current drug trends and what you

should be concerned about. It’s not

just enlarged pupils or vomit in the

bathroom. It’s life or death! It could

happen to you. Would you like to be a

survivor in the war on drugs?

Words that hurt, actions that bruise,

and memories that take away

innocence. For every risk the world

throws at your kid, there is a protective

factor to help block that dodge ball.

Hear what your kids are hearing . . .not

only in the classroom, but on the

streets. Make a plan; practice with

purpose; stop the violence.

What are you preparing for dinner

tonight? Need some new ideas and

really quick meals? Come and join

us as we mix it up in the kitchen. Oh,

and don’t forget


More meals in a minute, more

tasting in an hour and a great

resource to record your

favorites. Join us for one quick meal

after another.

It’s a plan, a practice

and a success for family

meals, meal prep wonders, and

tasting. A powerful workshop that

will please the wallet and satisfy the

taste buds!