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Online Applications and Resources

Summer Applications for Service-Learning
Now Available!

Students wishing to earn service-learning hours over the summer should complete a service-learning application BEFORE starting any service. 

Summer service-learning applications are handled by the district. Please access the necessary applications through the District Service-Learning Webpage. It is your responsibility to make sure you receive a time card after completing the application. The time card will be sent to the email address you provide during the application process, so be sure it is correct! If you do not receive a time card within 24 hours (weekdays), please contact Lisa Thompson, Service-Learning Secretary, at (480) 308-7350.

6th graders going into 7th and 7th graders going into 8th grade should fill out the "Summer Silver Service Application."

8th graders heading to a MPS high school should fill out the "Summer Honor Application"


Option B Applications
for Extracurricular Service

7th and 8th graders may earn service hours for pre-approved activities to count toward the 50 hours needed to earn the Silver Service Award. 

Click the following link to complete the Service-Learning Application for Junior High Students. (You must be logged in to your MPS account to continue.) Once you have submitted the form, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you will receive an email with your time card. You will need to print your time card and get it signed as you complete the service. You will need a new application and time card for each organization that you serve. You will need 50 hours by the end of your 8th grade year in order to qualify for the Silver Service award. You must complete a reflection project at the end of each school year in order for the hours to be recorded. More details will be emailed to Service-Learning participants in April. 

Project Ideas

Click this link for a list of volunteer sites. You may also have luck with websites such as Volunteer Match or Just Serve