Mr. Wilson
Concert Band (Advanced Band)

Concert Band: full year Prerequisite: teacher placement

School instruments are available on a very limited basis, so students usually must either own or rent their own instruments. Placement will be determined through an audition with the director. Attendance at all evening and other calendered performances is required. Basic skills are emphasized in the areas of tone production, music reading, instrumental technique and ensemble performance. A uniform is required for members of all bands.


The purpose of Concert Band is to:

reinforce each student’s good technical habits.

raise each student’s level of musicianship through attention to dynamics, tempo, phrasing, style and nuance.

heighten each student’s ability to perceive aural feedback from the ensemble and use it to adapt their own performance to enhance the overall sound of the group.

make the students aware of abstract concepts such as musical direction, fluidity of line and the interaction of instrumental tone colors within the ensemble.

develop in each student a sense of responsibility to himself/herself and to the other students in the ensemble.

help each student realize a sense of pride in the work he/she produces through thorough preparation and attention to directions.

develop self-control and self-discipline as it relates to classroom behavior and individual practice.

prepare each student for participation in the high school band program as it exists at Dobson High School.

represent Hendrix Junior High School in an enthusiastic and professional manner to other school communities and the public.


Tone Production (develop a concept of fine tone and acquire the skills needed to achieve it)

Scales (perform all major scales, the chromatic scale and a revolving scale through the full range of each instrument in order to learn all of the normal and alternate fingering patterns)

Technique (perform selected etudes and quality literature requiring progressive facility in the areas of fingering, range, rhythm and musicianship)

Intonation (learn to recognize both good and poor intonation as well as demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate corrective techniques)

Musicality (learn to recognize all the standard tempo, stylistic and dynamic markings and know how to execute them in performance; learn to locate normal phrasing points in a musical line and to shape the phrase appropriately; expand musical awareness under distinguished guest conductors)

Performance (demonstrate professional stage presence at no less than six public performances and one festival each year)

Listening (experience music as played by visiting artists)

Critically listen to performances by both ourselves and others.