Ms. Brittany Schreiber

7th/8th Grade IB Honors Science Teacher
Service-Learning Coach

Email:  Click Here
Phone: 480.472.3342


I attended Arizona State University, earning my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in the Sciences. I am highly qualified to teach science and have additional training to teach at an International Baccalaureate school. I began teaching at Summit Academy in 2012 and have loved it here ever since.

In addition to teaching IB Honors Science, I am also our school's Service-Learning Coach. Please contact me with any questions regarding Service-Learning.

This year, students will be creating a science journal that will contain all of their labs, notes, and activities. They will use their journals to reflect on what they have done, as well as to pose questions about possible further research. They will also be able to use their journals as a reference in scientific discussions. Students will need to bring their own composition notebook to use as their science journal. It should only be used for science. Please be sure that is is NOT a spiral bound notebook, as these tend to fall apart over the course of the school year. Also, the composition notebook needs at least 100 pages/200 sheets so that students do not run out of pages at the end of the year.

As part of the Advanced Science Curriculum and IB Program, all IB Honors students will be required to participate in the Summit Academy Science Fair. In the fall, students will select a unique scientific problem, and then design and conduct a controlled experiment in attempt to answer or explain this problem. All topics MUST be approved BEFORE beginning experimentation. Updated information on the Science Fair is available on the "Science Fair Resources" module in Canvas. All parents/guardians should have access to Canvas as "observers."