Approaches to Learning
Developing Leadership Skills in the IB Program

Approaches to Learning Surveys

Please complete the following self-reflective surveys. Please note that while completing the survey is required, you will not receive a lower score just because you rate yourself as "Limited" or "Developing" for specific ATL skills. Our goal is always growth, and understanding our strengths and weaknesses can help us determine where extra effort may be needed.

“What is of paramount importance in the pre-university stage is not what is learned but learning how to learn … What matters is not the absorption and regurgitation either of fact or predigested interpretations of facts, but the development of powers of the mind or ways of thinking which can be applied to new situations and new presentations of facts as they arise.” —Alec Peterson

Peterson, A. 1972. The International Baccalaureate: An experiment in International Education. London. George Harrap.


Survey 1: Communication and Social Skills

Survey 2: Self-Management Skills

Survey 3: Research and Media Literacy

Survey 4: Thinking Skills