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December 2017
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Reasons for the Seasons Stars, Planets, a... Astronomy Quiz
Eclipses/Bell Work How the Earth Moves Tutoring Cancelled
Astronomy Review
Our Solar System Sub Day/Bell Work Small Bodies in O... Galaxies and the ... Astronomy Review
Sub Day/Bell Work Bill Nye: Seasons Astronomy Review
Bill Nye: Planets Tutoring Cancelled
Using a Planisphere
11  12  13  14  15 
Astronomy Test/Cr... SF Data/Graphs Gummy Bear Lab Wr... Assessment: Crite... CRT Review
SF Final Copy Dat...
18  19  20  21  22 
SF Data/Graphs Work Time   District CRT Early Release
CRT Review SF Work Time
25  26  27  28  29 
No School: Winter Break
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